A 2.5-hour tour along the Atlantic Ocean to observe the marine life along our coast.

During the tour, our clients will have the chance to observe seabirds (shearwaters, etc.), cetaceans such as dolphins and whales (Bottlenose dolphins, Common dolphins, Pilot whales, Minke whales), marine reptiles (Green sea turtles, Leatherback turtles) and fish (Flying fish, Blue sharks, Basking sharks).

Departure subject to weather and sea conditions. 

Note: It is very important to understand that this is a 100% natural tour in the middle of nature and not a zoo. Thus, we can never guarantee that cetaceans will be sighted as they are wild animals with high mobility. However, we promise to always do our best to find as many species as possible during our tours. We now have a 94% success rate (2019-2021 data) on our sightings, but remember that nature is nature, and sometimes unpredictable.


  • 01/10 - 30/05: 55€/person (on an exclusive basis): from 360€/boat (max 8 people) - for more than 8 people, add 40€/each.
  • 01/06 - 30/09: 55€/person (on an exclusive basis): from 500€/boat (max 8 people) - for more than 8 people, add 50€/each.

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