Company formed in 2018 with a multidisciplinary team that presents a luxury boat and that has the objective to fill a gap in the maritime-tourism area in Olhão and presenting high quality services tailored to the most demanding customer.

On board of our comfortable boat ("Quinta do Porto I") you can explore all the labyrinths of the Ria Formosa channels, get to know all its aquatic life, bathe in the most beautiful beaches in the World, toasted with the history and curious traditions of the villages that we find in this region.

Strolling along its crystal clear waters, you can learn about the centuries-old techniques of shellfish farming, such as clams and oysters, which make this activity indispensable in the socio-economic context of this region.

On board we provide binoculars and guides, so that you can observe shellfish farmers and birds up close.

Our aim is to provide our clients with a mixture of positive moments and sensations so that they can remember them with much happiness.



Young and multidisciplinary team of local sailors with nautical experience. Availability to communicate with our customers in several languages. Here you can meet the current employees of our companies.

Gonçalo Carvalho

The boss / Skipper / Guide 

Young man with six years of nautical experience, dynamic and with extensive experience on the Ria Formosa. Fluent in Portuguese and English, with knowledge of Spanish and French.

Tiago Ventura

Back office / Social Networking / Website design / Skipper / Guide / Slave 

Graduated in Biology from the University of Algarve. Master degree in Conservation Biology. Part-time skipper, part-time science teacher. Twelve years of nautical experience reconciled with the maritime-tourist area. Specialist in whale watching and bird watching. Fluent in Portuguese, English, French and Spanish, with knowledge of German.


State-of-the-art boats with top-of-the-range engines that provide all the comfort and safety for our customers.


1. How do we book an experience?

Contacting the company by phone or email. After receiving the availability of the desired date, you must pay a deposit of 50% of the final amount to confirm the reservation. By the day of the experience, you must settle the remaining 50%.

2. What time will customers need to show up at the agreed location?

After defining the start time of the tour, customers will have to present themselves at the kiosk 15 minutes before, so as not to compromise the remaining agenda with possible delays.

3. Can the tour be canceled until the day of the tour?

Yes. Until the day of the tour, if the weather is outside the necessary conditions to carry out a tour in the best possible quality, the company reserves the right to cancel the tour until the time of the tour. If the company decides to cancel the tour, it will refund all the amount paid to date. The customer can cancel the tour up to 72 hours before it. If this deadline is exceeded, the company reserves the right not to refund a percentage of the amount paid to date.

4. Will the customer have to pay any extra amount in relation to what was initially agreed?

The customer will not have to pay any extra amount to the agreed amount unless:

  • If you order any extra drinks that have not been agreed upon in the first place.
  • If you exceed, for your own sake, the initially defined tour time.
  • The firing of individual vests due to negligence (cost of €50 per vest for the customer).